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can be better.

Our AI-powered underwriting Copilot synthesizes everything commercial & specialty underwriters need to bind the most profitable risks in a flash.

Your technology should
unlock profitable growth

But carriers and MGAs face hurdles with underwriting, operations,
and technology that leads to missing targets year after year.
What's holding insurers back?

Important facts are
hard to find

Critical information is spread across a hundred different screens and gets lost in the haystack. You don’t need another data feed - you need a Copilot to help find the right facts.

Too many submissions,
not enough time

Underwriters can't get to every submission and waste time on submissions that should never bind. You need to focus on the opportunities that are the most winnable and profitable.

Underwriting quality is inconsistent

How much of your book is out of appetite? Do you know? Underwriters shouldn’t have to consult scattered Sharepoint files and emails just to check the guidelines - you need a setup that guarantees that every policy written by every underwriter is a policy you want.

Copilot lets insurers
Bind with Confidence

Our Copilot  underwriting software empowers underwriters
to make better decisions, faster than ever before

Spend time on
submissions that bind

Our AI-powered interface points you to risks most likely to bind, so you can jump right in. Plus, your appetite is baked in - stop worrying about violating guidelines or portfolio objectives (and update them at any point).

Give underwriters what they need to know

Only the important facts. All in one place. Our AI engine extracts key insights from documents like loss runs and supplementals, web sources, third party data vendors, and so much more.

Deliver verified value from day one

No more months (or years) or implementation headaches. Copilot has everything your underwriters need out of the box, so you can see the impact immediately. Just forward a submission email and Copilot will take it from there - it just works.

One carrier improved combined ratio by 9.4%

Before Copilot, the insurer struggled with risk selection and broker relationships. Policies were bound on businesses with critical but hard-to-find exposures, and growth had stalled.

Copilot helped underwriters select better risks, increase GWP, and respond to brokers faster than ever.

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We built Copilot with your
full team in mind

Underwriting Leaders
No more tradeoffs - unlock the secret to profitable growth, and get up and running right away
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Underwriters deserve software that’s actually designed for them - that’s where Copilot comes in
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IT Experts
Easy setup and integrations let you deliver value without a complex implementation
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What would you do if you could quote complex risks 58% faster?

Set up a demo today to see how Copilot can power your underwriting. We’ll even show you on your submissions.