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We Help Commercial and Specialty Carriers Bind with Confidence

We created Kalepa in 2018 to transform the industry that protects every business, employee, and customer

What we do

Insurers have a tough job. It’s just plain hard to know the true exposures of a business, let alone bind a profitable policy. On the other side, businesses struggle to find the coverage they need and are often left underinsured, uninsured, or paying higher rates than needed.

That's where we come in.

Copilot - our AI-powered  underwriting software  - helps commercial and specialty insurers better serve businesses with more accurate pricing and relevant coverage. It’s a win-win for insurers and businesses alike.

Combined ratio improvement
Throughput increase
600 BPs
Loss ratio reduction

We are backed by leading  investors in technology and financial services

Inspired Capital
IA Ventures
Penny Pritzker
Former US Secretary of Commerce, board member of Microsoft
Gokul Rajaram
Executive at Doordash, board member of Coinbase, Pinterest, and The Trade Desk
Jacqueline Reses
CEO at Lead Bank
Mario Vitale
President at Resilience
Henry Ward
CEO at Carta

Customer Focus

When our customers win, we win. We are laser focused on building a better insurance ecosystem. That means addressing the challenges of businesses and the carriers, brokers, and technology platforms that serve them.

Hustle and Grit

Obstacles? Climb over them, around them, under them, through them, or simply eliminate them. With tenacity and perseverance, we can make the impossible a reality.


We are direct. We know that clear and constant feedback is essential to improvement. The only way to the truth is for everyone to advance their ideas.


Results speak volumes. Consistent excellence is key to our success as individuals and as Kalepa. We recognize, encourage, and reward merit.


The scientific method is in our DNA. We drive more value and increase impact every time we iterate. We balance data-driven ideas with accountability.

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