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Copilot is Built with
IT teams in Mind

The easiest implementation you’ve ever seen

You have a plan.

A multi-year transformation roadmap that touches all parts of the business and is going to bring amazing, modern technology to the table. Or maybe you don’t have a plan yet. Either way, the last thing you want is another software vendor that doesn’t integrate with your systems, that doesn’t move the business forward, that does derail your quarterly plan, and that still gets sunset in two years.

Here’s how we help

You need a partner that fits with where you are today and where you want to be. Copilot can go-live without any IT work, so no need to delay other projects just for us. And when it comes time to integrate, Copilot’s APIs make it easy to pass along submissions to Kalepa or ingest rating information directly into your core system.

And once it’s up and running, Copilot doesn’t add complexity - it simplifies. Streamline your underwriting by consolidating guidelines, submission info, documents, and web-based data sources into a single screen.

Copilot can be used out-of-the-box on day 1 with no integrations. No need to replan your IT roadmap just to get started
Seamless Setup
Easily integrate with email inboxes, portals, APIs, and policy admin systems, so that Copilot fits into your transformation vision
No Maintenance Required
Our SaaS model enables new business features on an ongoing basis, but we take all the updates and maintenance off of your plate