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The Ultimate Underwriting Copilot

Copilot gives you everything you need to underwrite
commercial  and specialty  insurance. All in one place.

Ready to use in minutes, not months
No upfront integrations needed
All commercial & specialty LOBs

All the tools you need,
right at your fingertips

Automate your
submission flow

No more scanning through dozens of PDF pages. Copilot extracts critical information from documents like:

Broker Emails

Acord Forms

Supplemental Applications


Vehicle Lists

And more

View all your submissions in one central Hub

Stop using your email inbox
Scan submission details at a glance and dive into the highest priority risks
Search, filter, and sort
Search for (almost) anything to  find any risk, or filter to submissions that need urgent review

Extract complex loss runs in a flash

Copilot processes even the toughest loss runs within seconds, serving up claim-by-claim details and aggregated summaries

Fully digitized claim histories in 5 seconds

Handle scans,  rotations,  and distortions without the hassle

Automatically process over 90% of loss run formats

Business classification is just the beginning

Automatic NAICS and GL code assignment for any business
Prioritize the submissions that are most likely to bind - and always adhere to appetite
Organize anything by business class
Sort, filter and find submissions based on their class, or measure your book performance by business class in the Management Dashboard

Find hidden exposures - faster than ever

No more juggling a dozen systems to evaluate a risk. Copilot's powerful AI sources insight from submission info and third party sources, including:

News Articles

Online Reviews

Government Databases

OSHA Violations

Legal Actions

Catastrophe and Crime Scores

Automatically run every risk against your objectives

Focus your underwriting on the most
appealing risks
Prioritize the submissions that are most likely to bind and be profitable - and always adhere to appetite
Update your objectives at any point
Change in priorities? Big storm brewing? Adjust your portfolio objectives and guidelines in 30 seconds - you have full control

Understand and optimize your book

Experience the Management Dashboard
Leaders can finally understand your book in detail - exposure concentration, sub-unit performance, top distribution partners, performance against targets, portfolio composition, and more

Easy integrations make setup a breeze

Focus on underwriting while our easy-to-use APIs and email integrations do the rest

Set up an email integration in minutes

Seamlessly sync with submission and policy admin systems

Email distribution partners directly from Copilot

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