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Copilot is Built for Underwriting Leaders

We’ll give you everything you need to bind with confidence

You have a lot on your plate

You want to grow your book, but not take on bad risks. You want to review more submissions or straight-through-process, but not sacrifice thoroughness. You want a solution now, but not another bolted-on short-term fix that never gets integrated and is mothballed in two years. Is that too much to ask?

With Copilot, there’s no tradeoff.

Here’s how we help

  • • Increase your throughput without sacrificing thoroughness.
    • Vet large and complex submissions without spot checking.
    • Increase profitability without blowing your budget.

Be efficient and exhaustive.

Like we said, there’s no tradeoff.

Stick to the guidelines
Copilot ingests your guidelines and prioritizes the risks most likely to bind, so you don’t have to worry about writing risks outside of appetite
Seamless, now and forever
Copilot works out-of-the-box on day 1 with no integrations. And later, you can set up easy integrations with email inboxes, portals, and policy  systems
Start ahead, stay ahead
Our AI models are already best-in-class, and SaaS implementation means free, zero-effort updates to models, features, information, and insights

“With Copilot, we can finally operationalize our risk appetite guidelines, ensuring that our underwriters are working on the right opportunities and constructing a profitable, high quality book”

VP of Underwriting Operations

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