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From War Zones to Artificial Intelligence, Kalepa’s Daniel Hillman Knows the Power of Decision Making

Decision-making under pressure in the the emergency medicine and military fields prepared Daniel Hillman to excel in risk management.
Risk & Insurance
3 mins

Every action can have unintended consequences, just like every decision we make has embedded risks. Daniel Hillman understands this very well.

Between serving in the military and volunteering as an emergency medical technician, he experienced many moments in which decision making saved or cost a life.

His risk management journey began approximately 20 years ago, during his military service.

“We were operating in a volatile and uncertain environment that required a clear-eyed assessment of exposures and a careful balancing of the potential benefits and losses. Operations had to proceed, as a matter of national security, and it was incumbent upon us to be relentless about risk mitigation efforts,” said Hillman, co-founder of Kalepa, an artificial intelligence platform that offers decision support for commercial underwriters.

“I learned to appreciate the fragility of human life and the importance of not taking anything for granted.”

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