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Taking Copilot to New Heights

Big changes are headed to Copilot - get ready for an even smoother underwriting workflow.
Paul Monasterio
4 min to read

I love that I get to write this post.

Starting last week and throughout the coming months, we are rolling out an improved Copilot experience to every user.

For commercial P&C carriers, high-quality underwriting is the key to profitable growth, and Copilot is the workbench that powers them. And while we love helping our customers achieve better results, we also love to make their underwriting experience delightful.

One of the great advantages of the SaaS model is that Copilot continuously improves — we have expanded support for new lines of business throughout this year (including fleet) and made extensive enhancements to our AI models and workflow. But we also wanted to challenge ourselves to take Copilot to a “higher elevation,” with major upgrades to the software’s look, feel, and functionality.

It’s all part of delivering better underwriting for our clients.

Why are we doing this?

At Kalepa, we feel strongly that the future of insurance is built around making underwriters successful. For way (way) too long, underwriters have been stuck with undersupported, clunky software and tools that complexify, instead of simplify.

That’s why we originally built an underwriting Copilot — to support underwriters every step of the way. We think that when software is actually designed for underwriters, it makes them better at what they do and brings more joy to their work. One of Kalepa’s key values is “We focus on what matters to our customers,” and these changes are one more way we’re doing just that.

With each enhancement, we are keeping three principles in mind:

  • Make it actionable — Copilot helps underwriters take action. Whether that’s writing a risk, coordinating with brokers and agents, or understanding book health, Copilot is there to help underwriters do their job better
  • Right info, right place, right time — Make it easier to get where users want to go, with fewer clicks and greater certainty — no matter the user, the risk type, or the line of business (especially since we support quite a few of them)
  • Curate what users need to know — Underwriters face too many data points to tell them about a single exposure, and much of that raw data isn’t useful without extra insight or context. Adding another data feed is not the solution. Copilot condenses all this information into digestible takeaways that help underwriters write business faster and catch the big exposures that often get buried

What are we doing?

To start, we’ve launched the first phase of our new Copilot interface, focussed on a revamped Hub experience.

The Hub is the entrypoint for every Copilot user. It’s the place where every submission can be found, prioritized, and triaged. And it’s the first thing you see when you open Copilot in the morning.

So what have we done? We’ve made it easier than ever to find the right risk and jump right in. New views into the submission queue highlight risks that should be at the top of your list. The Hub also highlights critical information on each risk, before you spend time digging into the submission itself. Triaging is simpler than ever, thanks to our new workflow and immediate visibility into coverages and lines of business.

We’ve also given users more power to find and filter submissions. This means underwriters can better triage by effective date, broker prioritization, class of business, and other key attributes. Since Copilot easily incorporates carrier appetite, the new Hub can also highlight risks that fit your guidelines. All told, you get to spend time on risks that will bind, and avoid the ones that won’t.

On top of that, we launched an entirely new look and feel to make all of Copilot even easier to use. Our new styling is designed around Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), to make everything more distinguishable and adaptable. This includes higher contrast, better use of color, and improved visual presentation — hallmarks of an accessible web experience. We want every underwriter to have a delightful experience with Copilot, and improved accessibility helps us deliver on that promise.

Where are we headed next?

We have plenty more changes in store that are rolling out in the coming months. Along the way, we’ll continue to highlight how we’re building a Smarter Workbench and the benefits that unlocks for our users.

Some of those enhancements will impact how we display the right information for each risk, or make it even easier to ingest and automate carrier guidelines, or provide visibility into managing your book (with quite a few more surprises mixed in).

The best part? All of these features are rolled out to each of our customers as part of their copilot subscription. No effort needed from IT or underwriting teams — the enhancements will be live when you wake up.

Interested in seeing how our new Hub can speed up your triage or how Copilot can improve your combined ratio by 10%? Get in touch today to set up a demo. Let us show you how we help insurers bind with confidence.

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